BACO has long been recognized as a worldwide leading manufacturer of Industrial Pilot Devices, Rotary Cam Switches and Disconnect Switches. BACO's pushbuttons have modern ergonomic design with many innovative features. BACO's cam switches offer a customizable solution to your multi-position switch needs. BACO's disconnect switches are compact and feature reversible terminals for front or rear mounting.

BACO Controls markets and sells components for industrial automation. We have established ourselves on the U.S. market by providing the combination of quality products and outstanding customer service at a reasonable prices.

Since 1980 BACO Controls has provided the sales and marketing function for the Baco family of products on the U.S. market. In 2004 we expanded to include the Rex products in our portfolio.

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Rex, located in Soest, Germany was founded in 1951. Today Rex is a global leader in the manufacture of time switches with sales in over 60 countries worldwide. Rex specializes in manufacturing high quality, high precision time switches that conserve electricity...saving money while being environmentally friendly at the same time!

Known for their high quality and precision, these time switches are now available in the U.S. through Baco Controls, Inc.

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REX Time Switches

Save Money! Turn your lights off during the day! The REX Astronomical Time Switch automatically calculates sunrise and sunset to turn on and off lights based on your geographical location.

Unlike other technologies which use photo sensors, the REX Astronomical Time Switch will never turn on the lights during the day when overcast skies blow in or the sensor gets covered with dust.

The switch features easy four button programming. Programming can also be done with the optional USB adapter and data key. Using the free REX programming software you can create your customized on off times, set your latitude and longitude, check total hours on, and much more. It’s quick and easy to use and makes programming multiple switches a breeze!

The REX Astronomical Time Switch is available with one or two channels in 24V, 120V and 230V.

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